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Joey and Phil Brownbill


Joey, Head of Communications, and Phil, Information Systems Manager, met at Send a Cow nine years ago.

How did you two meet?

Phil: Joey started working at Send a Cow a few months after I did. She stuck a poster on the fridge asking if anyone was driving in from Bath each day and could offer her a lift. I volunteered and the rest as they say, is history!

Joey: We met at work and Phil used to give me a lift everyday – for years we were just friends, but I used to love it when we got stuck in a traffic jam as it meant we had more time together…

Is it difficult working together everyday?

Phil: Its not difficult at all. We’ve always worked together so we just get on with it. We only take one car to work, we generally have the same food for lunch and often take turns to make it for each other. We also take it in turns to drop the kids off at nursery. It works really well.

Joey: We’ve always done it, so it is actually weird when we’re not together. We’ve had two children since we’ve been here and I find it so weird when I’m on maternity leave and he’s at work! He’d get home and I’d make him tell me about everything that is going on in the office. I’m not sure either of us can ever leave.

What is your happiest memory at Send a Cow?

Phil: When all the staff took the afternoon off work to come to our wedding. Everyone helped pick flowers and make bunches to decorate the church with.

Joey: It really is a family here. Everyone came to our wedding, loads of people cooked meals for us when we had our children, and years ago, when we were first dating, I proudly brought our new kitten in to meet everyone.