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“I am no longer ashamed of my village, thanks to Send a Cow”


22 year old Winnifred Nabirye has lived in Nagamuli village in Bulopa Sub County for most of her life.

She says that her community was the most rejected community of the whole district, renowned for witchcraft and disease. She says how rare it was to see a new face in the community. Other people feared it, and the authorities shunned it.

"You either saw a police officer coming to arrest someone or a lorry coming to pick sugarcane and nothing more. Every home was dirty and there was little to eat. Most children, especially girls, dropped out of school after primary seven."

“Send a Cow has transformed all our homes that are willing to listen to the teachers. The teachers from Send a Cow are caring and talk to people as human beings and they advise children in different homes to stay in school. They visit every home. Every home has a garden of vegetables and so people no longer eat posho or sweet potatoes with sauce.

“We did not have a cow now we have one. It is a prestigious thing to have a cow. We now have vegetables and we drink milk. I have a baby and because I eat well, I have not lacked breast milk."

"I am no longer ashamed of my village because it is now beautiful with good gardens and known all over. It has been mentioned in newspapers and radio stations. In fact, many people want to stay in our village. They come to see how Send a Cow has done it."

“My mother can sell vegetables and buy meat for us and we eat well. She can sell vegetables and buy an exercise book. She is a member of Village Savings and Loans Association. She saves some money with the group and she can borrow from the group whenever she wants to do something.

"When I went to the hospital to have a baby, my mother borrowed money from the group and now we are working hard to pay back. But even then, no one is down our neck forcing us to pay. We are self-driven”

Winnifred has lots of hopes and dreams for the future. She hopes to complete her education and become a primary school teacher. She wants every home to have a TV set and watch news. She wants to see their village road tarmacked just like Kamuli town is being tarmacked. She wants to see schools have electricity and the pupils can read at night.

“I want to see all pupils in this community ride to school, all putting on smart uniforms, holding good books and dressed in shoes. I saw this in Iganga town and I want it in my village. I want to see doctors, nurses, teachers and businessmen all from our village.”

Hear from Winnifred first hand: