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Alice Namukose


Alice is 47 years old and lives in Luuka District, Uganda.

“I dropped out of school at senior two because my parents were unable to pay for my school fees. I have never received any form of treatment for my eye infection. I cannot afford the cost of treatment.”

A measles attack left Alice partially blind when she was a baby. All her life she has suffered with headaches and a pain in her eye.

Send a Cow launched the Agriculture for Women with Disabilities Activity (AWDA) project in Uganda in 2016.

Alice says:

"One of the major benefits of AWDA is being trained in our rights as people with disabilities. We are confident and know that we are people and can achieve whatever we set ourselves to.

We were given start up seeds for vegetables to improve our nutrition and sweet potato vines and cassava cuttings which we have planted and harvested for food security. We have shared out the vines and cuttings for the new planting season, meaning we will never be food insecure again. I can now feed my family nutritious food, especially vegetables, which boost our immunity.

I was elected a peer farmer and received specialised training to support other people with disabilities. This has boosted my confidence because I am now referred to as a teacher in my community."

"Send a Cow has given is a platform, a voice that had been denied to people with disabilities for a long time. When we speak today, we are listened to."