Little girl washing her hands with a tip tap

Global Handwashing Day

Going beyond handwashing...

In April we saw that the humble practice of handwashing could protect us from Coronavirus, but we now know that the effects of the pandemic go far beyond a public health crisis.  

In rural Africa, Coronavirus has impacted on every aspect of people’s lives. Hunger is rising in the countries we work in, there are increased cases of domestic abuse, and families that were once overcoming hunger and poverty are at risk of slipping backward. We must act now. 

Our response to Coronavirus starts with handwashing, but it does not end there. We must act now to support families like Solange and Anastases' in rural Africa to protect themselves from the impending hunger crisis.
Anastase and Solange _2_

As well as continuing our essential handwashing and hygiene training, we are:

  • Improving farmers’ resilience by providing them with high-nutrition seeds.
  • Running additional training on how to preserve the food they have grown so that they don’t go hungry later down the line.
  • Providing extra education on how to maximise the produce grown in kitchen gardens helps families to have food close by when movement restrictions are in place.

And we are underpinning all of this by scaling up our family-dynamics work, to protect women and children when homes no longer feel safe.