Tip tap demonstration

Urgent Handwashing Appeal

Raised: £26,430 Target: £35,000

The world is facing an unprecedented health crisis. But if we stand together there is so much hope.

Handwashing has always been a key part of our work in Africa and we all know it is the first line of defence against coronavirus and other diseases.

Thousands of people in rural Africa don’t have adequate access to soap and water.

This makes handwashing nearly impossible and leaves families extremely vulnerable to illness. This could have a devastating impact on their ability to stay healthy and grow enough to feed themselves.

Woman carrying water with her son
Women like Veronica face huge challenges.

With lack of access to water and vital knowledge of good hygiene practices it was difficult for Veronica to protect her family. Before starting on her journey with Send a Cow, her family was often unwell due to easily avoidable illnesses

Now, Veronica has built a tip tap, constructed a dish rack and learnt about waste management.

‘The trainings have been so beneficial. Send a Cow is about upholding hygiene." - Veronica
You can bring clean hands and training in health and hygiene to families in rural Africa.

With you by our side, we will increase our water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) work to help protect families against coronavirus. This includes training on tip taps – an ingenious way to wash hands when you have no running water.

But in Veronica’s community, it’s not just the virus that is feared.

It’s how they will continue to put food on the table now and in the months that follow. Restrictions to movement bring many other concerns to those living in rural Africa.

How will a family get vegetable seeds, or sell produce at markets? In addition to our WASH work, we are working with thousands of families to ensure they can be self-sufficient.

Making sure they have seeds to plant this growing season.

You can give families in rural Africa the opportunity to protect themselves, their families, friends and neighbours. And make sure they have the seeds and training so when this crisis is over, they will be in a strong and healthy position to build their own futures from the land.

Together we can save lives.

During this global health crisis being able to respond where the need is greatest is vital. The above is one example of how WASH transforms lives and the type of vital support you make possible. Any support received through this appeal will go wherever it is most needed. In these difficult financial times with changing needs your support is more important than ever.