Make dreams come true

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Sanifa lives in one of the poorest communities our Uganda team has ever visited.

The children are often barefoot and, like Sanifa, the girls usually have just one old, dirty dress called a Mwana-akula.

In English this means: The child will fit into it as she grows. But Sanifa’s dress constantly falls off her shoulders; at 11 she is small for her age because she rarely gets enough food to eat.

Despite all the hardships she has known, Sanifa is still full of dreams for the future.
You can help Sanifa's dreams come true this Christmas
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“I want to be the first girl in my family to finish school because I dream of becoming a teacher. I also dream of having shoes and a new dress to replace the one I am wearing. It is the only one I have.”


Sanifa’s mother, Edith, is struggling to raise her children alone and has no regular source of income. Like any mother, she wants the best for her children.

This Christmas you can help families like Sanifa's earn a living from the land.

If you are able to give £51 you will enable them to take part in the first year of our new life-changing project in Kamuli, Uganda.

You will provide them with the skills to grow their own food and start a small business. With the money they earn, Sanifa’s mother – and many others in her community – will, at last, be able to feed and clothe their children, and send them to school.

You can give girls in Uganda the opportunities they deserve and the chance to achieve their dreams.