Rwanda Appeal US

Raised: $ Target: $25,000

You can change the lives of struggling families in Rwanda.

We, the Send a Cow U.S. Board of Trustees, saw this first-hand when we visited Rwanda in March 2019. Farmers made coffee for us straight from the fields, showing with pride their beautiful, lush green land and crops. 

Send a Cow is two years into the Ikawa n'Inka project in Rwanda that was generously funded by Starbucks. We are so grateful for their donation and want to step up to support projects like this operating in Rwanda. 

"Rwanda is landlocked, and plots of land tend to be quite small. Send a Cow's core mission there has been making sure that the farmers we serve are using every bit of land in ways that will serve them and their families for generations to come. It's a partnership that will make such an impact in this gem of a country in the heart of Africa."

- Robyn Davis Sekula, Chair of US Board of Trustees

Young kids drinking milk from orange mugs in Rwanda
Jeanette with a banana tree in Rwanda
Please join us in supporting this important project. Every donation helps!