Family of 8 stood in front of their house at Palabek Refugee Settlement

Palabek Refugee Settlement

Raised: £20,147 Target: £25,000

South Sudanese refugees and local Ugandan families are struggling to survive. Will you send hope?

We are launching a new project in The Palabek Refugee Settlement in northern Uganda. This Settlement is unique and unlike traditional camps; South Sudanese refugees live side by side with the local Ugandan community.

Rose is one of over 30,000 South Sudan refugees living in the Settlement.

She lives on a 30 x 30 metre piece of land. She fled conflict in her home country and a local Ugandan family gave her this small piece of land.

She is struggling to grow enough food to feed her six children.

Pamela is Ugandan and a local community farmer.

We will work with farmers like her alongside refugees in the Palabek Settlement. She faces similar challenges of lack of appropriate farming skills and not enough to eat.

With you behind us, we’re determined to bring together the most vulnerable in their community to share resources, become more resilient and develop thriving farms.

Your gift could help a farmer like Rose and Pamela complete extensive training, where they can learn to grow plentiful food.

It could also provide the seeds and tools they need to get started and harvest nutritious vegetables just weeks after sowing.

£31 could help a farmer like Rose and Pamela complete 18 months of training.

Soon they will have a surplus of vegetables to sell. The money they earn will buy essentials like soap and clothes, and they can invest in their farms.

By improving nutrition and hygiene you can help families not just survive but thrive.