Man looking out over the river Nile

Living with Wildlife Appeal

Raised: £760,000 Target: £760,000

So many people have already supported Living with Wildlife Appeal, reaching our target to help 7,000 families. 

Despite this the need is still great and the situation has been made worse by the current coronavirus crisis. The small income families would have received from the National Park has disappeared with the tourists.

With less income families will become increasingly desperate and poaching will increase.

This is why we’re asking for your continued help now.

Poverty is threatening Uganda’s most vulnerable families and wildlife.

Ujeni lives in northern Uganda with his wife Serena and their children. The whole family regularly skip meals as they struggle to find food, they have little income. The climate has changed and rains have become unreliable, it's difficult to grow crops. Serena collects and sells firewood earning between 40 and 60 pence each day. As their only source of income, it’s not enough.

Donate to the Living with Wildlife Appeal and you will support vulnerable people and wildlife living in Uganda as well as other similar work across Africa.

Send a Cow will be working in partnership with wildlife charity Tusk. Together with your support, we can help over 7,000 families to overcome poverty while also protecting endangered animals.

Matching your donations with UK Aid.
"The problem is we have no food. Between morning and now, coming to sunset, we have not tasted food all day.
If I use this land well, we will have a future. Other people are selling, only I refuse to sell. If I give it away (my land) to somebody, it’s like I’ve thrown away my life.’’
Ujeni can learn to grow enough to feed his family, donate by 14th April 2020 and your gift will be doubled by the UK government.
Across the river Nile, just a short distance from Ujeni’s home, is the Murchison Falls National park – home to a huge range of wildlife, many of which are endangered.
Giraffe in rural Africa

With no other source of income, families like Ujeni’s are pressured into laying traps in the nearby National Park.

They hope to catch bushmeat to feed their families and to sell. But the traps they use are indiscriminate. Wildlife such as the endangered Rothschild's Giraffe are getting caught instead. Ujeni no longer hunts in the park but he is all too aware of the problem.

"If people had enough to eat, they wouldn’t go there (to the National Park). What takes people there is poverty." - Ujeni

But it doesn't need to be like this. Working in partnership with conservation charity Tusk, together we can help fathers like Ujeni grow crops. With your help, his family could have nutritious food to eat, all year round.

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