Family Friend

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Follow one family, help whole communities

Family Friend is a fantastic opportunity for you to help hundreds of families, and to see the real difference you are making. You'll follow one family's progress as they work themselves out of poverty.

Kasiita has been head of the household since he was just 15 years old.

He was forced to take his sister, Naiga, and brother, Matovu, out of school so all three of them could work and earn money to buy food for their younger siblings.

In 2016 he joined a Send a Cow group and has gone from strength to strength. He's even trained to help support other farmers in his community. At the end of his training, he was presented with tools by his support worker. But he still has a long way to go before he graduates from the Send a Cow programme.

Agnes waters the garden as Kayondo and Eddie play

Family Friend is simple but very effective

Every month you make a gift to help people help themselves out of poverty. They’ll benefit from livestock, seeds, tools and training to learn how to become self-sufficient, so eventually, they no longer need our help at all.

In return, we’ll let you know exactly what a difference you’re making.

You’ll receive regular email updates and an annual newsletter. Learn about the high points, like when a family receives new livestock, and the challenges too if the rains don’t come or if livestock becomes ill. Kasiita and his family will share their hopes and dreams. Like Mulindwa (above), who wants to be a doctor when he grows up, so he can help other people.