Coffee Break Appeal

Raised: £14,147 Target: £60,000

You – and coffee - can change the lives of struggling families in Rwanda.

In remote regions of rural Rwanda, many families are struggling to survive. They lack precious resources and skills to produce enough food and earn a sustainable income.

Life can be better for hardworking families.

That's why Send a Cow has launched the Ikawa n'Inka project, which in English means "Coffee and Cows". Rwandan families will be given the skills and support to become successful coffee farmers and grow themselves out of poverty, for good.

Donate now and help Rwandan families like Dina’s.
When we met Dina and Jean-Baptiste for the first time, they weren’t able to feed their children.

Their cassava crops had failed and the family was hungry. After joining the Ikawa n'Inka project less than a year ago, their lives have already started to change.

They are now producing enough vegetables for two meals a day.

However, there’s still a lot to be done for them to secure their future.
And that's where your support comes in.

While they have made some home improvements, their roof still leaks and there is no source of light. Finding money for their children's education continues to be an uphill struggle too.

£10 could provide training and additional coffee tree saplings for a family like Dina’s, so they can plant them before the next rainy season.

£42 could provide a gardening kit including a spade, watering can and welly boots, enabling families like Dina’s to help themselves as well as other coffee farmers in their community too.

£100 could help towards the cost of a cow, giving families like Dina’s a rich source of manure, which they can use to fertilise their soil and increase their coffee yield.

With your support, Dina and Jean-Baptiste can improve their farming with cow manure which enriches the soil. This will enable them to grow more food and coffee beans, which they can sell, providing a vital income.

Families like Dina's can achieve remarkable things through their own hard work and determination.

They just need a hand up from people like you. By supporting families like theirs, you are helping to put food on the table, send children to school and enabling those living in the poorest regions to earn a living from life-changing coffee beans.