Help families like Ruth's grow a brighter future

Brighter Futures Appeal

Raised: £25,707 Target: £22,300

Coronavirus is leaving families hungry.

We must act now so families like Ruth’s can grow a brighter future.

From climate change to locust plagues destroying their crops this summer, for families in rural Africa, coronavirus is making it even harder for parents like Ruth to put food on the table. Right now, families are facing severe hunger.

Ruth tends to her garden, she wears a face mask
Restrictions on movement are having a devastating impact on families like Ruth’s being able to feed themselves.

Ruth is part of a Send a Cow project and before lockdown her family were eating three meals a day. But with restrictions to movement in place, families like Ruth’s are unable to get to the market to sell their produce and buy essential items, including seeds. 

Drought, heavy rains and swarms of locusts are also destroying crops, leaving families like hers at risk of severe hunger.

“When I started working with Send a Cow, I learned many skills including how to work on a small plot. My land is now productive. My family was eating three times a day before lockdown. Now we are only eating once a day.” - Ruth  
Families shouldn’t have to worry about where their next meal will come from. With your support, together we will:
  • Work alongside families to ensure they are able to access seeds to grow enough to feed their families and keep them healthy.
  • Support families to preserve their food stocks and add value to their crops so that they can get a better price for their produce.
  • Work with families so that they can learn new skills and set up small businesses such as soap and face mask making to earn an income and protect their livelihoods.
Together we can ensure families like Ruth's can grow more food, earn an income and prepare for the uncertain future ahead. Thank you.