Donate to the Big Give and your gift will be doubled to help more families like Dessie's

Big Give – Life-Changing Tree

Raised: Target: 37,500

This year, we are fortunate to be working in partnership with the Big Give. A Big Give champion and a generous Send a Cow supporter have agreed to match the first £37,500 raised by this Christmas appeal.

To double your gift and make twice the impact, head back to this page between midday on Tuesday 1 December and midday on Tuesday 8 December. If you would prefer to give online now outside this time frame, your donation will be greatly appreciated, but not doubled.

Will you help families like Dessie’s this Christmas?

In Ethiopia, families like Dessie’s are farming day in, day out, on hard dry land, to provide food for their children and generate an income. However, extreme weather caused by climate change has made prolonged drought and flash flooding worse. Families are losing their crops and as a result, they are facing extreme hunger and poverty. Dessie knows this all too well.

“Climate change is killing us. We had no such problems in the past. We used to grow whatever we planted. We produced lentil, pea or barley in winter and oat, wheat, bean, pea and potato in autumn. There was no extreme weather.
Now the weather is making the farmer hopeless.”
Dessie, Ethiopia
This Christmas you can double your gift to help more families like Dessie's
But there is hope for a better future. Planting trees could give the land a new lease of life.

With the right training, families like Dessie’s can become more resilient to climate change and combat its devastating effects. They will be able to provide for their families from their land.

Families like Dessie’s will learn how they can restore the tired land, ravaged by climate change and deforestation, by planting life-changing trees. Trees help to prevent erosion, provide shade for other crops and their dropped leaves nourish the soil. Healthy soils, supported by trees, result in higher yields and a greater variety of crops for families to eat and sell for vital income.

Families like Dessie’s will also learn to build energy-saving stoves, reducing the amount of firewood needed for fuel, helping to protect the trees and forests they already have. And by learning the skills to build and maintain a rainwater catchment tank, families will have water available all year to keep their trees and crops healthy.

Your support could help families like Dessie’s grow a future free from poverty.

Head back to this page between midday on Tuesday 1 December and midday on Tuesday 8 December to have your donation double.

If you would prefer to give right away, click below to donate now. However, please be aware that your donation will not be doubled.