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Our action on the climate crisis

The climate crisis is the single most significant issue affecting people across rural Africa.

It threatens not only their lives, but the world’s ability to feed itself – now and in the future. Send a Cow is taking action now for long-term change - join us.

  • Climate justice for farmers in Africa

    The single most significant issue facing us all today is the climate crisis. The farmers who are affected first and worst by erratic and extreme weather patterns must have a say in their future.

    Meet Gaspard Nzabamwita, and find out about the challenges he is facing due to the climate crisis and the home-grown solutions he is using to adapt to the impacts.

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  • Climate Crisis Petition

    26,000 Send a Cow supporters signed our petition asking the UK Government to take urgent climate action.

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  • Climate Justice Policy Asks

    The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (also known as COP26) starts at the beginning of November. What does Send a Cow want to see it deliver?

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  • Crack the Crises

    With the world facing challenges such as Covid, injustice, climate change and nature crisis, UK decision-makers have an opportunity to demonstrate their leadership at home and abroad.

    That is why organisations from across the UK including Send a Cow are coming together in this new coalition to advocate for a better future for people and planet.

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