Abebe in his garden with cabbages

About Send a Cow

  • How we work

    We've changed a lot since 1988. We no longer send cows from the UK, we source them locally. In fact, providing livestock is just a tiny part of what we do.

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  • Our vision, mission & values

    Over our 30 year history, we've transformed the lives of 2 million people in Africa. We focus on farming and families, resulting in confident people in control of their own land and of their own futures....

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  • Our history

    Send a Cow was set up by a group of Christian dairy farmers from the UK in 1988. Outraged at EU milk quotas, which were forcing them to slaughter healthy dairy cows, and in response to...

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  • Our impact

    Our low-input, high-achieving approach means that our programmes cost as little as £30 per person per year. We focus on training; ensuring families have the skills they need to grow food and earn an income.  Where...

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  • Our team

    Here you can find a cross section of the people that make Send a Cow work. From our CEO Paul Stuart, through to the extension workers who are out in the field every day, every member...

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  • Where we work

    We’ve been working on the ground with rural African communities since 1988 and are proud to have established country programmes in Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zambia.

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