Mission Partnership

Mission Partnership is a two-way relationship between your church and one of our projects.

We will send you regular prayer and news updates, as well as video reports from the field. There are also the chances to visit the project. By supporting the project prayerfully and financially, we hope that you will feel part of the transformation of a whole community.

Download our Mission Partnership proposals at the bottom of this page, and get in touch if you would like to find out more. or call 01225 874222.

Kasiita shows off his crop of beans

Support the Ugandan Orphans Project

Kasiita, left, had to grow up quickly when his parents died of HIV. At the age of 15, he was left to look after his five siblings. In order to provide for the family, the three eldest children were forced to drop out of school and work on local farms.

The Ugandan Orphans Project is working with 400 families like Kasiita's, teaching them vital skills so they can grow and eat nutritious food, attend school and have happy healthy futures. Together, we can give them a life any parent would wish for!

Mission Partnership Ugandan Orphans

Support a new project in Western Kenya

In Kakrao, Western Kenya, most people make a living from agriculture but struggle to provide for their own basic needs. Unemployment is high and families experience hunger on a daily basis.

With a high HIV prevalence, many families are not only struggling to provide for themselves, but also for the orphaned relatives and widows they have taken in. Their situation is precarious.

Mission Partnership Kakrao

Support our work in Zambia

We work in the Eastern Province of Zambia, where the majority of people are smallholder farmers relying soley on their land. 78% of people are classified as 'poor' and only 65% of the population have access to safe water.

Find out how your church can support our work in Zambia


Zambia Mission Partnership