Support farmers like Dionésie

Raised: £74,598 Target: £125,000

Will you show farmers like Dionésie in Burundi that they are not forgotten?

Dionésie and her family urgently need your help. They live in Burundi, a country recently listed as both the hungriest and unhappiest country in the world. The family, and their community, live in grinding poverty. They endure up to six hungry months a year, which normally begin in September. They are fast approaching.

Your support could have families like Dionésie’s planting nutritious vegetables before the hungry months begin.

Every day, Dionésie and her husband Gilbert struggle to provide for their children. They harvest a small crop of maize from their land, but it’s not enough to feed a family of seven. Gilbert is forced to labour on other people’s land, but the family are still hungry.

We are tired of this. We wake up early in the morning trying to see how to provide for our family, which at the end of the day turns out to be useless because we are not getting anywhere.

And yet, despite such need, the family’s kindness and generosity is striking. They’ve recently adopted another child: an orphan named Pacifique. They’re willing to share what little they have with somebody who has nothing.

But Dionésie and her family are not alone. There are thousands of people like her: forgotten people in a forgotten country. A lack of resources and knowledge coupled with years of political unrest have left farmers in Burundi desperate and struggling. Few NGOS are working in Burundi, and none are working in Dionésie’s community.

We are hopeful that you will help us, because no one can be hopeful if they don’t have something that can hope in.

You could help malnourished families like Dionésie’s get started on a new project in Burundi as soon as possible. Donating before 30th June will empower families to get the most from their most precious resource: the soil beneath their feet.