Water for Alice

Raised: £18,226 Target: £25,000

Imagine how desperate you’d feel to see your source of water run dry.

Alice lives in rural Zambia. Her only nearby source of water is unprotected and shared with 12 other households, as well as dogs, goats, cattle and pigs. But each October even this dries up.

Without water, there can be no crops.

Alice struggles to feed her family throughout the year, but from December to February she has little to offer them. They get by on one meal of maize a day. There's nothing else and the children are often unwell from lack of nutrients and waterborne illnesses.

By December even the little maize Alice has is gone.

But with your support, Alice can grow food all year and have safe clean water for her daughters to drink.

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"If I harvest well, my life and that of my children could be better. But alas, nothing really changes despite all my efforts. I am a single mother in deep poverty. I do not have enough food. The water situation is so bad. I can’t help but feel distressed."
Alice Petauke Region, Zambia

Alice is hopeful that her story will inspire you to help her community.

For just £30 Alice and mothers like her can learn how to make the most of their farm with rainwater harvesting and composting techniques. We'll also work with a local partner to build a well for clean, safe water.

By donating now you could help provide women like Alice with seeds, tools and clean water, to grow nutritious food.

Your gift can give them hope for what the future holds.